Piped cargo pocket with zipper – tutorial

Piped cargo pocket with zipper – tutorial

This week I had to make piped pockets with zipper for my work-in-progress cargo pants and decided to make this tutorial for you and maybe save you some time 😉 This tutorial will explain you step by step how to make a piped cargo pocket with zipper, or more generally, any kind of piped pocket with a zipper 😉

To make this cargo type piped pocket with zipper you simply have to follow these steps:

Once you have cut your pocket piece following your pattern, you should cut another piece of the same width as the pocket size and 3 cm high, on your lining fabric.how-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets

Trace the line where the center of the zipper will go, following your pattern tracing.


Then, place both fabrics right side against right side. The traced lines should match.


Now sew 0,5 cm to each side around that line, making a full and closed rectangle.how-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets

Before proceeding to the next step, make sure that your zipper will fit in between the side seams you just made.how-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets With your seam ripper, cut on the traced line. First make a hole so that you can insert the scissors and cut through. Stop cutting before the “V” on each corner.how-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets

See this picture.how-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets

Cut those “V” following the tracing, and stop at 1 mm before your seam (so don’t cut through the seam).how-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets

You should have something similar to this. how-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets

Now, turn your pocket wrong side down, and press the fabric up. It will be easier to turn it afterwards.how-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets

Press this side down.


Now, turn the lining fabric through the hole you created.This is how it looks from the right side.how-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets

And seen from the wrong side.how-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets

With the help of the iron, continue pressing till your lining is completely hidden by your fabric.how-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets

This is how it looks from the wrong side.how-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets

Place your zipper underneath and make sure the whole zipper fits in the space you created.how-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets

Pin the zipper in place. I always advice to pin perpendicularly to your sewing, so when you sew, you can tear the pins apart easily, and if you ever forget one, your needle should be able to pass over it and not break (which is kind of unpleasant, right?)how-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets

Use your zipper foot. And start sewing with your zipper slightly open. Your needle as close to the zipper as possible. In order to avoid getting in the way of the zipper head, start stitching and stop before getting side by side with the zipper head.how-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets

Stop, put your needle down and pull your foot up. Then close your zipper, pull your foot down and continue stitching till you make the full rectangle around the zipper. how-to-make-cargo-piped-pocketshow-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets

And voilà! your piped pocket with zipper is done! Now you just have to sew your pocket to your garment, folding the sides and top-stitching.how-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets how-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets

This is how it looks from the wrong side.how-to-make-cargo-piped-pockets

Did this sewing tutorial helped you? Is there any other tutorial or sewing explanation that you would like to see? Leave your comments below and I’ll make sure to write an article about it!

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Happy sewing!





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